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Encounteres - interview with visual Artist Mario Sughi























Today our guest is Mario Sughi an Italian visual artist based in Dublin. He is running an exhibition "Encounters" at the beautiful Luan Gallery (the art municipally gallery of Athlone) in Ireland. The exhibition will run until 26th of August 2017. We have conducted an interview with the artist.


Which are the top 3 highlights of your current exhibition "Encounters"?


1. Colour and light: Colour is the most decorative part of the work, its immediate beauty; Light is the energy. All the works have their own outdoor settings, so all the figures and elements of each work have their distinctive natural lights.


2. The narrative: It is not to the fore, it’s very soft, but it is definitely there. It has to be there, without it, the work will be only decoration. There are no messages but the narrative is definitively present a very sober authentic narrative.


3. The authenticity: This is the unconscious. When you are fully committed to your work, you end by doing a lot of work unconsciously and that ultimately reveals itself. You don’t see it but other people will. This is the part of you that makes it possible for your work to communicate to others . . . to make the connection.



Where is it held?


It is held at the Municipal Art Gallery of Athlone, the beautiful Luan Gallery on the river Shannon, in Ireland. Alongside my exhibition, there is LUMA a show by Helen Mac Mahon, an Irish Artist. Helen’s show is a beautiful light installation. It’s a perfect counterpoint to Encounters.


And for how long will it run?


The exhibition opened on the 30th of June and will run through August 26th.


What kind of visual art impresses you the most?


I like the images and minimalism of Alex Katz, the brilliant colors of Lucien Freud (though I don’t like the heavy brush strokes), the atmosphere of Francis Bacon, the paintings David Hockney painted in the 60s and the 70s, the flat landscapes in Alberto Sughi in the early nineties, the directness of Fairfield Porter’s portraits, the severity of Masaccio and Botticelli (in his religious paintings), the use of space in Giotto, the apparent easiness in Simone Martini, the lights in Sargent’s and I like when Ingres says "I leave it to time to finish my paintings" In other words I like Fine Art Painting, modern and past with no distinction.


Where did you get inspirations for your visual art and creativity?


Everything that interests me enters my work. People, landscapes, books.


How would you describe your personal favorite piece (or art installation)?


To be honest I like all the works in the exhibition. It was a very coherent selection and each work is quite close to the other. On the grass, where a man sits casually with a glass of wine in his hand beside a reclining woman in a black dress, apparently captured everybody’s imagination. Ahhhh (a work on two panels 110x210cm) with the face of a girl in profile on a yellow backround, her mouth wide open, screaming, but you don’t know what that scream is exactly, fear or possibly liberation, is my favourite.




I think it’s the one with more energy, the one which brings all the others together!


Zsolt for The Crazy Magazine



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The Crazy Mind, Budapest Singapore 10 August 2017

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