Cassino Museo d'Arte Contemporanea (CAMUSAC), installation view, 15 June 2015


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Date Place
Mario Sughi @ RHA 187th Annual Exhibition + Newsletter 27 May Dublin
Nerosunero @ the Arte Laguna Prize Mar-Apr. 2016 Venice
Mario Sughi New Book + Newsletter with all the latest 13 Dec. 2016 Amazon
Mario Sughi Digital Painter / The Big Six Soundtrack 29 July 2016 YouTube
ART TALK: Friends by nerosunero 12 July 2016 UGallery, New York
Istantanee * nerosunero & Franco Fausone @ Evvivanoe Art, Turin 21 April 2016 Evvivanoe Art, Turin
Tommaso Evangelista: Mario Sughi, Un figurativo digitale a Dublino 8 March 2016 Artribune, Milan, Italy
RD CULT intervista con nerosunero a cura di Elettra Stamboulis 1 March 2016 RD Cult, Ravenna, Italy
Artworker Gallery Interview 16 Feb. 2016 Artworker, Chicago, USA
ESCAPE * nerosunero & Chris Wells @ Newave Gallery, Aberdeen 5 Feb. 2016 Newave Gallery, Aberdeen
nerosunero for Window to Eden at Raheny Public Library / Exhib. Project Dec-Jan 2016 Raheny Library, Dublin
nerosunero with Independent Artists @ Bergamo Arte Fiera 2015 28-30 Nov 2015 Bergamo Arte Fiera, Italy
nerosunero @ Men in the City, Independent Artists, Group Exhibition Nov-Dec 2015 Independent Artists, Milan, Italy
nerosunero @ Depot Lu, Ludwigshafen, Exhibition 8-30 Nov 2015 Depot Lu, Ludwigshafen, GER
nerosunero @ New Generation Festival, Palazzo Pisani, Lonigo 5-25 Oct 2015 Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy
nerosunero @ Museo Cassino d'Arte Contemporanea, CAMUSAC 14 June 2015 CAMUSAC, Cassino, Italy
nerosunero @ RHA Gallery, 185th Annual Exhibition 25 May 2015 RHA, Dublin
Peachy Dublin x Aware Exhibition @ Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin 15 May 2015 Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
nerosunero @ artKARLSRUHE 2015 March 2015 Karlsruhe, Germany
Sigrid Feeser Die figurativen Arbeiten des Mario Sughi in der Galerie Lauth 21 Oct. 2014 Zeitungsartikel der Rheinpfalz
nerosunero Short stories and other lies, Galerie Lauth (Pictures) 10 Oct 2014 Ludwigshafen, Germany
nerosunero Selected exhibitions 2013-2010 Rome, Dublin, Milan, Manchester
Illustrators Ireland: The Art of Superstition 11 Oct 2013 Copper House Gallery, Dublin
nerosunero @ RHA Royal Hibernian Academy, 183rd Annual Exhibition 28 May 2013 RHA, Dublin
nerosunero Il Colore del Tempo (Exhibition Catalogue) 21 May 2013 Vanilla Editore, Savona, Italy
nerosunero Il Colore del Tempo, YvonneArteContemporanea (Pictures) 17 May 2013 Vicenza, Italy
nerosunero @ Reality Fluids (Opening Night) 16 May 2013 nhow Milan
Le conturbanti figure di Mario Sughi in mostra a Roma (Review) 2 Jan 2013 Genziana Ricci Comunicazione
Nerosunero Figures & Landscape Exhibition, VIDEO 10 Nov 2012 6°Senso Art Gallery, Rome
Nerosunero Figures & Landscape Exhibition, Pictures 10 Nov 2012 6°Senso Art Gallery, Rome
Nerosunero Interview, VIDEO 18 Sept 2012 Ital Video News, Dublin
Mary Grehan on Mario Sughi 18 June 2012 Greyfriars, Waterford
Mario Sughi aka nerosunero/Life as Comic Nonsense (Interview) 1 March 2012 Ganzo Mag / Los Angeles
Storie da Urano incontra Nerosunero: 1ma parte / 2nda parte (Interview) 26 Feb 2012 Milan / Italy
Revolution: Illustration Contest & Exhibition /Talks Dec 2011 Copper House Gallery, Dublin
Mario Sughi aka nerosunero's limited editions prints exclusively for UGallery Oct 2011 - ... New York / San Francisco
Illustrator Guild of Ireland, Group Exhibition 27 Sept 2011 Copper House Gallery, Dublin
Absolut Vis10n, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 23-25 Aug 2011 South Studios, Dublin
Nerosunero at the Complex Gallery, Opening Night 23 June 2011 The Complex, Dublin
Nerosunero at the Complex Gallery, Preview 22 June 2011 The Complex, Dublin
54th Venice Biennale, The Italian Pavilion in the World 9 June 2011 Istitute Italian Culture, Dublin

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